14 May 2023
06 Dec 2023

Runner Info

Before arriving at Race Pack Collection, ensure you have the following with you:

  • The SMS confirming your entry, race number, start batch and registration time.
  • Your ID or Passport card or any other identification document.
  • Your Race Envelope will contain 1 race number and safety pins
  • Your timing chip is attached to your race number and needs to be attached to the front of your running shirt. Please do not bend or tamper with the chip in any way. NO CHIP NO TIME.
  • If you selected and paid for an ASA Temporary Licence, it will also be included in your Race Pack envelope.
  • All participants will receive their technical Absa Run Your City Series Event Performance T-shirt at Race Pack Collection. Please note that technical event t-shirt sizes are limited and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

Club Runner

  • Display your ASA licence number on the back and front of your t-shirt.
  • Place the event race number over the front ASA licence number with the header displaying as per the image below.

(Visual for reference only)

Non-Club Runner

  • Display your race number on the front of your t-shirt.
  • Display your ASA temporary licence number on the back of your t-shirt.

(Visual for reference only)

  • Lay your running kit or costume and race goodies out the night before so that you don’t forget anything.
  • Pin race number to the front of your race day tee with provided safety pins.
  • Take note of your batch start time to make sure you arrive early on race day.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • NO number collection on Race Day!
  • Did we mention that you have to get there early? The first bus will leave GRAND PARADE from 06h30 onwards. The last bus leaves the City for Milnerton at 08h30. If you miss this you won’t make it to the start, so please ensure you arrive early.
  • Time your arrival to ensure that you arrive at the Grand Parade 2 hours prior to your allocated batch start time.
  • The Absa RUN YOUR CITY CAPE TOWN 10K is run and organized in accordance with the rules of World Athletics (WA), Athletics South Africa (ASA) and Western Province Athletics (WPA).
  • Foreign athletes must comply with WA rule 4.2, ASA rules 7, 9 and all relevant race and domestic rules. Foreign Runners entry will include a ‘foreign temporary license’ as required under the rules.
  • The Absa RUN YOUR CITY CAPE TOWN 10K is open to all ASA licensed and non-licensed runners.

Licensed Club Runners:

  • One race number will be issued. Licensed entrants must wear their ASA licence number on the front and back of their vest. The official race number must be worn on the front of the entrant’s race vest, partially covering the ASA licence number.
  • Please refer to the diagram below for further details.

Temporary Licence:

  • One race number will be issued which must be worn on the front of the vest. The temporary license must be worn on the back of the vest.
  • Temporary licenses are available at R40.
  • Please refer to the diagram below for further details.

Contender and Elite Athletes:

  • Two race numbers will be issued to Contenders and therefore they do not need to display licence numbers as they have Special Number Bib status.

Race Number Positioning: Licensed Club Runners


Race Number Positioning: Temporary Licensed Runners


Age Category Tags

  • Age category will be available for all Contenders, age category tags are to be worn front and back, and it is the runner’s responsibility to ensure that the correct age category is reflected on race day.
  • Juniors wearing a senior or junior licence, are eligible for age category awards provided that they:
      • display category tags “J”, to qualify for age category prizes,
      • participate as a Contender and start in the A batch,
      • are born in 2004 or later.
  • Temporary licensed entrants are eligible for age category prizes provided that they:
      • apply to participate as a Contender through the entries process,
      • participate in the relevant age category,
      • wear the appropriate age tags and provide proof of identification.
  • Minimum age for participation is 14 years of age on the day of the race.
  • If a seeding time is not provided on entry, the runner understands that seeding will be at the back of the race.
  • Wheelchair entrants are encouraged to take part. Once entered, they are requested to contact entries@capetown10k.com to secure race day access.
  • The Event Organiser reserves the right to accept or reject any entry.
  • TOG BAGS: There will be a tog bag facility for use at the runner’s own risk:
    • Cellphones, money and jewelry should not be left in tog bags.
    • If there is no tag attached to your tog bag, it will not be accepted.
    • Tog bags will be transported from the Start to the Finish.
  • Toilets will be available at the start and the finish of the event, as well as, on the route at each water station and major entertainment point.
  • All traffic officers, marshals and race officials must be obeyed at all times. If You are instructed by any marshal, race official, medic, traffic or police official to stop, You must do so immediately.
  • Refreshments stations will be provided at the 3km and 7km markers.
  • Runners may participate with Baby Joggers/Prams but may not take part as Contenders. Runners accept that they are responsible for ensuring they are not involved in any collision or disruption to other runners.
  • A runner may not start or attempt to start the event before the confirmed start time. Any runner who does so may be disqualified.
  • A runner must complete the race with his/her own effort and may not receive any assistance in this regard.
  • Personal seconding is not permitted. Private vehicles are not to follow the athletes on the route, this can result in the disqualification of the entrant.
  • No bicycles are allowed on the route, apart from the lead cyclists and officials.
  • The use of music players with headphones is not allowed and will result in disqualification.
  • No ambush marketing is allowed.
  • Do not litter. ASA Rule 28 applies. #RunClean.
    • Dispose of sachets and cups responsibly by using the boxes provided or carrying them to the finish.
    • Report offenders to the referees.
  • All entrants must cross all timing points on the route to qualify for an official result.
  • A Podium Presentation of the top 3 male and female finishers will take place immediately after the results have been signed off at the Finish area.
  • Results for all participants will be available on the event website www.capetown10k.com.
  • The results of the Contenders will be available at 10h30 in the TIC (Technical Information Centre).
  • Any objections must be made to the Official at the TIC within 30 minutes of the posting time as covered under World Athletics Rule 146.2.
  • All finishers will receive a medal.
  • All contenders will be given start gun to mat times.
  • All mass finishers will be given mat to mat times.
    • Only Start Gun to Finish times will be used for determining prize awards.
    • ONLY Contenders (Batch A), who start before the mass, are eligible for awards.
    • Runners who have the necessary performance to qualify for Contender status should ensure they applied for that status.

It is understood that by entering the event, the participant’s name and contact details will be added to the Event Organisers communication database to receive future communication about other events.


  1. All Entrants who want to qualify for prize money, must apply and meet the stated criteria (see table below), and be accepted into the Contender category.
  2. Prize money will only be awarded to contenders who were accepted to start in the Contender Batch.
  3. It is the responsibility of the entrant to apply for this seeding through the entries process via the website.
  4. There are no additional charges for being a contender. Any person who meets the necessary criteria to be a Contender, but fails to apply during the entry process, is automatically deemed to have accepted that they will not be eligible for any prize money.
  5. Athletes must submit their proof of performance better or equal to the relevant one in the table below.


Absa RUN YOUR CITY CAPE TOWN 10K Seeding Chart

Age Group Men   Women
Open 31:00 (03:05 p/km)   40:00 (03:53 p/km)
Junior 36:00 (03:36 p/km)   45:30 (04:33 p/km)
35 – 39 35:00 (03:30 p/km)   44:00 (04:24 p/km)
40 – 49 38:00 (03:48 p/km)   47:00 (04:42 p/km)
50 – 59 42:00 (04:12 p/km)   49:30 (04:57 p/km)
60 – 69 53:00 (05:18 p/km)   54:00 (05:24 p/km)
70+ 1:02:00 (06:12 p/km)   1:10:00 (07:00 p/km)


  • Senior and Master athletes age is taken on the date of the event.
  • Juniors are defined as athletes 14 years or older on the date of the race, and under the age of 20 at 31 December 2022.  i.e.  born in 2004 or later.
  • In addition to Overall (Open) prizes, runners will only be eligible for age category prizes in the age category they enter.
  • Corresponding numerical age category tags must be worn on the front and back of their vest.
  • Runners may enter the age category corresponding to their chronological age or any younger category down to senior.


  1. Applications for the Contender seeding will close 1 month prior to the event (14 April 2023).
  2. Submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance. An application that is missing any data will automatically be rejected.
  3. NO LATE Applications are accepted.
  4. The full list of accepted Contenders will be published on the website 14 days prior to race day. Anyone wishing to protest, (World Athletics rule 146.1) on the details or status of an athlete listed in the Contenders, must do so, in writing to the Race Office a minimum of 7 days prior to race day. Any protest outcome will be replied to by no later than 3 days prior to the race.
  5. All applicants will be notified prior to the event.
  6. It is mandatory for all Contenders to attend the Technical Briefing meeting on Saturday 14 May, at 10:00 at the Race Hotel: The SunSquare Cape Town City Bowl Hotel, 23 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town.
  7. All Contenders will need to verify their IDs/Passports and licence numbers on Saturday 14 May, at 10:00 at The SunSquare Cape Town City Bowl Hotel, 23 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town at the Contender Technical Meeting.
  8. All Athlete Representatives (AR) must comply with World Athletics Rule 7 and ASA Rule 12. Should the AR not comply with these rules, the Event Organisers reserve the right to report the AR to World Athletics and ASA.
  9. This event attracts international participation and as such there are restrictions on advertising on clothing for all Contenders. It is important that Contenders adhere to these rules as covered in the World Athletics Advertising regulations and ASA rule 24.
  10. Contenders will be checked at the start and any athlete not in compliance will not be allowed to start in the Contender batch and will be downgraded to Batch B and therefore no longer be considered a Contender or eligible for prize money.
  11. All Foreign athletes will sign a waiver as required by ASA Rules 2020 and must abide by World Athletics Rules for international competition.

Prize Money

  1. Please note that all prize money winnings are subject to South African Tax Law and anti-doping results and can take up to 3 months to process.
    1. Athletes accepted as Contenders who fail to attend the Contender Technical Meeting without apology or good reason will be docked 10% of their prize money.
    2. Athletes who win an award and fail to be present for prize giving for any reason other than doping control or medical will be docked 10% of their prize money.

South African Athletes

  1. Prize money to South African Athletes will be paid 30 days after the event, provided that:
    1. the result is not subject to the outcome of any anti-doping testing
    2. the following information has been emailed through to shanice@stillwatersports.com
      • copy of SA ID book
      • SARS tax number
      • proof of bank details (from bank)
      • completed prize money form (received at prize giving ceremony)
    3. South African Athlete prize money will not be paid until ALL the required documentation has been submitted.

International Athletes

  1. Prize money to International Athletes will be paid 30 days after the event, provided that:
    1. the result is not subject to the outcome of any anti-doping testing
    2. the following information has been emailed through to shanice@stillwatersports.com
      • copy of passport
      • proof of address (e.g., clothing account, municipal bill)
      • proof of bank details
      • completed prize money form (received at prize giving ceremony)
    3. International Athlete prize money will not be paid until ALL the required documentation has been submitted.
    4. If an athlete is with an Agency, then the Agency must invoice the Event Organizers no later than one week after the event.
  • Tog bag drop facilities will be available in the Start precinct, which will be transported to the Finish precinct for collection post race.
  • Toilets will be spread out in the start precinct, along the route, and in the finish precinct. These will be serviced between uses.
  • Please ensure that you bring along your DHL water bottle filled with your choice of fluid. If you decide not to run with the bottle (or any other bottle or item of clothing), there will be throw-bins immediately prior to your exit towards the starting line. Anything discarded here will not be returned, as it will be considered waste.


Runners are seeded according to the time indicated during the entry process.

Batch time to be confirmed. 

  • Runners must line up in their correct start chute.
  • Participants are NOT allowed to move up a batch.
  • Participants arriving late and subsequently missing their starting time, will have the opportunity to start in the final batch.
  • Participants in wheelchairs will start in the last batch.
  • There will be a mat at the start so you will receive a mat-to-mat finish time
    • Prize winners can only come from batch A, but your 10km time, provided on entry, will ensure you are in the correct start pen.
  • The batch holding areas are large enough to cater for social distancing – please ensure good spacing at all times.
Tee Graded Spec  
Ladies Tee  
Measuring Point Sizes: Small Medium Large Xlarge  
1/2 Bust 2cm below armhole 42.5 46 49.5 53  
1/2 Waist 18cm below armhole 38.5 42 45.5 49  
1/2 Hem straight across 46.5 50 53.5 57  
Mens Tee
Measuring Point Sizes: Small Medium Large Xlarge XXLarge
1/2 Bust 2cm below armhole 49 53 57 61 65
1/2 Waist 18cm below armhole 49.5 53.5 57.5 61.5 65.5
1/2 Hem straight across 70 72 74 76 79


Want to know your best finish times? Here are the results from all our previous events.

Course Records

  • Male – Morris Gachaga (Kenya) – 2017 – 33:27
  • Female – Brillian Kipkoech (Kenya) – 2019 – 38:05







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